Help for Installation your Procreate Ressources

Following receipt of the download link for your Procreate Brush set that you received by email.

Before installation, I recommend you to turn iPad OFF/ON again after an update.

 How to install your Brushes and Brushset on Procreate Application

  • ZIP file

If you receive a ZIP file.
Here is the process to follow :

To open the ZIP file you just downloaded from your iPad,

You need an application to Unzip the document.

You can download one for free from the App store,

I use personally this app

Name : UNZIP - zip file opener

The ZIP file usually contains several files (Procreate files, backgrounds, guide lines)

in different formats, .brushet, .brush, jpeg or png.

Once you have Unzip the file, you can click on the Procreate files and they will be automatically imported into the Procreate application. (.brushset / .brush)

You will find the Brush Sets (.brushset) at the top of the Brush library section and the Brushes (.brush) are at the bottom in the "imported" section.


Procreate file 

  • PROCREATE file (.brushset or .brush)

If you receive a Procreate file, (.brushset or .brush)

You just have to click on the file from your iPad

and the brush set or your brushes will automatically import to Procreate.


If ever you still need help despite these explanations, we remain available to help you at any time.
You just have to send us an email at:

Whatsapp (Text Message) : +33 7 81 20 36 76

If you need help I promise you we respond within 24 hours.

Otherwise you have the right to insult or shout at us !